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About JG Executive Advisory

Justin Albertson

I have a passion for working with executives seeking to expand their leadership influence and impact through behavioral change. I partner with clients to assist them in strengthening relationships with colleagues and developing strategies that accelerate their goals, objectives and initiatives. The leaders I advise learn to improve how they leverage their leadership strengths and mitigate weaknesses, quickly achieving more – with greater efficiency.

I’ve dedicated my career to studying organizational behavior and leadership effectiveness. For over 20 years, I’ve used expertise in assessment, coaching and competency-based selection/development systems to support clients, mostly Fortune 500, in building workforce capabilities by better leveraging their human capital. As a coach, my extensive leadership assessment experience and psychology background are key assets. Having assessed and given developmental coaching to over 2,500 professionals within various industries across the globe, I have a tremendous amount of practical experience and key insight to the behaviors most effective for leaders at all levels within organizations and within multiple leadership situations.

I’m not the type that pulls out theories and models, does some “analysis” and tells you what you already know needs to be done. I don’t like lectures any more than you – my bias is toward actions that produce impact. As a 7 Habits alum, I seek first to understand, then partner with you on implementation plans that enable you execute on what needs to be done and follow up that hits the mark and drives results, every time.

I build genuine relationships and trusted partnerships with executives and companies who are serious about growth. I’m passionate about developing high performing teams and cultures focused on execution of strategic solutions that improve company performance and exceed expectations. I combine commercial acumen with operational proficiency and deep understanding of talent strategy to align organizations for maximum financial results.

Personally, family keeps me grounded with what’s truly important in life – specifically my wife and our two boys and two girls. In addition to time with family, I enjoy several sports (playing, watching, coaching) and I’m avid about fitness.

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